Why Us

Why Us

Why Us?

We have been in the market for over 10 years. We stand out for the quality of the work and the dates as well as the services.  Our team has reliability and professionalism, as well as generous servings, are features that are always meant for our customers.

Our company applies full installations of polished plasters throughout London and beyond with our experienced installers and interior designers always at hand. All designs, regardless of the size, we always do the work accurately and carefully with special details and effects that attract every eye. Our goals are indeed projects in wet and steam rooms, residential walls and ceilings or micro polished concrete floors, receptions, corridors or also furniture. We have unlimited plaster finish ideas using the trowel, brush, sponge and other special tools that are for this type of room, i.e. such as mineral limestone plaster, Tadelakt polished plaster or polished cement. These products contain from 40% to 50% of crushed marble aggregate which are used for the production of natural marble slate. Hear our inspirations to making a natural and sophisticated wall & floor finish, with a seamless surface and our beautifully finished decorations whether they’re themed, embossed or inlaid they will catch every eye.

What is Origin Eco Plaster?

Origin Eco Plaster-is a company based in Northwest London who are dedicated to the product of professional application for finishing in modern and retro interiors. We have a team of people with unique abilities using a trowel, brush, a spatula and more special tools for shaping marble plaster textures specifically for your room design. Our products are well known as Polished Plaster, Venetian Marble Plaster, Tadelakt and Resin Microcement floors. They replace or even outrank traditional wallpapers, ceramic tiles or floor panels. We have a unique finish of a wall and floor interior, which is probably the largest popularity in modern houses and their functional kitchens and bathrooms.

What is Polished Plaster?

Polished plaster is a lime base plaster in paste form or powder as well, which is imported from Italy. During installation, it can be pressed or compacted by a special trowel in several layers to a shiny to high-gloss surface. This plastering process holds the name ‘burnishing and pressing technique. Depending on the ambience, many earth or iron oxide colours can be combined to create a wide variety of unique colour shades.The precisely detailed marble plaster has a very discreet and timeless effect due to the 45% content of the marble powder. By the change of light and shadow and by different viewing angles, interesting yet fascinating reflections arise. Our product imitates the natural look of stone or marble and other finishes such as concrete and rust, including gold, silver or cooper.


*Bespoke solutions



*Quality materials

*Highly skilled installers

*Wide choice of materials

*Highly decorative

*160 standard colours + colour match.

*Seamless finish

*Easy to recoat

*Simple maintenance

*Zero or low VOC

*Antibacterial and friendly to allergy sufferers

*Dust-free technology

*Fast application


*Bespoke solutions* Unique surface finish suited to the interior environment in colour and texture as well as the degree of polishing. Visual design for the order. Creating a logo or effect of concrete combined with polished marble is just an example of what we can create for your project.

*Warranties* Our manufacturers in Italy give the product a 5-year lifespan, our application shows that after 10 years the product looks exactly the same and in perfect condition. The products’ recommended maintenance is up to 1-2 times every 2 years. Warranty subject to general maintenance and cleaning. We recommend taking care of the product, which affects its lifespan.

*Location* You are welcome to visit our showroom in Northwest London at Harrow. You may see our product range, ensuring that the quality of our products meets your taste and eye catch.

*Quality materials* Only quality-branded materials are used. They are mostly imported directly from Italy or Spain. Our rough materials are prepared by our technician in our workshop. Repackaging increases our costs but always improves our product reliability.  They have not only standard but even advanced quality or resistance tests we provided. So yes, we are in partnership with the main manufacturer.

*Highly skilled installers* Our artist is professionally trained in all details of our comprehensive service of products and Wet-room systemsâ and certified up to the craftsmen’s position.

*Wide choice of materials* We have a wide range of materials which are affordable with a selected budget. We have high efficiency for our products of Metallicsâ thicknesses of 0.5 mm and leading in durability product thickness up to 3mm micro polished concrete – Resin Microcement.

*Highly decorative* Today, the big demand of our products are keeping up with current fashionable trends of interior design. They are well known in architectural environments, construction companies and commercial and residential sectors.

*160 standard colours* Our 160 Colours standard palette can be used to find similar, popular colours of well-known Farrow&Ball or Dulux ranges. Colour matches are also available on request.

*Seamless finish* An applied product has a big advantage over interior architecture and their joining elements. Its’ seamless finish when applied leaves no joints from application. It is in the liquid form of marble, so you don’t have to install large, heavy pieces of marble which is very difficult.

*Easy to recoat* Tired with the appearance of the walls? It’s not a surprise that we like to design and install a new wall finish which can bring a new colour into your everyday life. Our product does not need to be removed from the wall when you need another decorative layer.

*Simple maintenance* The properly installed product does not require much attention during use over the years. We recommend regular removal of dirt or dust, or if the surface is covered with coffee, wine or other liquids, plaster or paint, immediate removal is recommended. We have the maintenance of our previous works, which have been used for even more than 10 years.

*Zero or low VOC* Technology is a truly respectful environment and our health. Our products which have colorants or natural earth pigments do not exceed the maximum limit of VOC, this is the same level as water-based paints, which also have very low VOC.

*Antibacterial high PH content* The product is highly alkaline and therefore has a high pH amount. Bacteria or fungi including mildew cannot be maintained such a substrate. Therefore, the product is completely antibacterial and fungi-free.

*Dust-free technology* Our products are applied on smooth surfaces, where we later shape the plaster and polish it before drying, therefore it is completely dust-free. Some stages require grinding down in the case of a resin microcement floors.

*Fast application* Work in commercial buildings is a real race against time… Fortunately, there are products that require extraordinary skills, but it’s finished in one, two or three days.

*Sustainability* Are you wondering if our product can be applied on a specific surface or in contact with water, or furniture? In extreme cases, the product will be put on glass. Very wide application on different substrates creates an uncompromising interior decoration system.