Projects / Commercial

Prince Of Wales, London UB8

Prince of Wales is part of Sahara CityMed Mediterranean Cuisine. The walls are covered with a pitted polished plaster called Antica. We obtained the final appearance by special grinding ocher pigment. Refers to the antiquity of Greek ancient architecture.

Blum (UK), Milton Keynes MK10

In 24 countries around the world where it is designed for modern interiors and technologies, we have made an Aurora polished plaster for kitchen splashback area, silver and pitted diagonal pattern.

Opera Tax, Harrow HA1

The entrance from high street to the service office in North West London in Harrow. In the corridor we are used a banding and lettering design with grey Spatulato Lucido and beige Travertino. Beige and grey colours give a completely industrial look in an elegant environment.

Shed, Clapham South SW12

When entering from high street or leaving Clapham South tube station, you have the opportunity to go to Shed coffe and wine and try it. On the floor we put resin microcement in black currant colour.