Case Studies

Case Studies

Kensinghton, Hammersmith.
Palace Mansions

An apartment in a prestigious red brick building. The flat is near one of London’s favourite commercial districts, Kensington High Street. The apartment has been recently completely renovated, where you can see our polished plaster work in the centre of the living room wall with built-in, downhole regiments. Light grey colours and transversely crossing, dark veins. A huge challenge for our artists was demonstrated by their great creative potential and the satisfaction of our client. The work was done entirely by manual techniques using tools for the marble effect.

Kingstone, Surrey.

A spectacular, award-winning mansion inspired by regency style in an exclusive private estate with lots of facilities, including a glass elevator, bowling alley and a human aquarium.

Spacious rooms, high ceilings, curved walls. We have installed over 1000sqm in the project so far.

The plaster is mainly polished on the walls and ceilings. In the swimming pool on the ground floor, we also have other finishes such as our structural polished plasterwork Classic Aurora. Carefully matched colours for the mosaics located in the pool. Amazing impressions, where we see a man diving, standing in the basement of a building at the bowling alley. Here in the basement is also impressive, we have a black and silver colour of our charming wall finish called Black Nebia. It would seem that in a windowless room we do not use dark colours, please see if it is a beautiful colour scheme?

Cobham, Surrey.

The picturesque town of Cobham is awash with stylish boutiques, restaurants, cafes, pubs and convenience stores making it a popular choice for families relocating to the area from the UK and overseas alike.

The new building of The Regency plethora includes, among others, an indoor basement pool, gym, steam room, cinema room. Features of the construction industry using natural stone, marble, handmade wood furniture and the latest technology for modern living. An amazing cage, leading from the ground floor to the top, curved marble stairs and curved walls surrounding them. Installation of our polished plaster in carbon colour was a big challenge due to access to the walls and more. As a large area, several people work on one wall. Let us now take into account that each hand is painting differently and leaves its own art. Once again, our team proved amazing teamwork in creating a cohesive work, artistic polished plaster. The effects of work can be seen from a distance, is not this devotion to passion? or just a tedious job? The answer knows each of us.